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    Who are we

    Davenport West High School's team, EndoTherm, are recipients of the 2014-2015 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant devoted to creating a better tomorrow. Our mission is to create a unique invention, by following the STEM process and utilizing a $10,000 grant awarded by the Lemelson-MIT Program. This project is no longer active, but this webpage will be up until further notice if any.

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    What are we doing?

    We are inventing a device to help prevent vehicular heatstroke deaths in young children and pets. Find out more here.

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    About 38 children per year die from vehicular heatstroke. About 51 percent of all reported cases are from leaving the child in the vehicle unintentionally, while the rest are for other reasons, including intentional deaths and the child's getting in the vehicle without the parents' knowing.

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